I don’t care what kind of blog I have I will blog this no matter what.

"Craving sensation: feeling unreal" was such a huge part of the beginning of my relapse. I was convinced that people in front of me didn’t even exist and I kept touching things and trying to feel sensation. I’m reblogging because I know that that was so horrifying for me and I never want anyone else to go through it. 

In case someone needs to see this

Just in case this can help someone. Some suggestions also seem harmful (eating a hot pepper really hurts!!!) but steps to feeling better and not self harming is most important. Sending you love and light

STOP SCROLLING! Please reblog this vitally important information because at least one of your followers is self-harming. Thank you!

I need this

I’ve used some of these and they really do help! Reblogging forever simply because this could help save someone

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twiztidskull asked: June, July, October, November, December?


June- favourite book?

"The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God: and Other Short Stories". I don’t remember the author.

July- favourite song/band?

My favourite band is SayAnything. I don’t have a favourite song.

October- favourite game?

I have a lot… Too many to list. I’m sorry

November- If I changed my name, what would it be?

Either Alaska or Victoria.

December- random fact about me?

I skateboard a lot in my spare time. I used to be really good before breaking my foot.

Thank you for asking!!!!!

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite position?


Quarter Back.

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a vegas showgirl


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Tiny Dangerous’s Object Head Tutorial (With pictures!)


Hello all! I’ve gotten quite a few people askin how I went about putting together my head for a recent costume I did at Anime Iowa 2014, so I figured I’d make a tutorial for it! More under the cut!


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123D Catch is an I-Phone and Android App that allows you to create 3D models by taking a bunch of pictures from various directions. These models can later be 3D printed. (Website)

Y O U    W O U L D N ’ T    D O W N L O A D    A    P E R S O N

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